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Churches, Ministries & Christian Charities

We know how much emphasis you place on godly precepts and values - and we submit to the same high standards.

Our creative staff members are committed Christians and people of faith, who seek God for wisdom, and utilize their gifts and talents with honor and integrity. In fact, Joseph Krall is an ordained minister in good standing (CFCM - Canadian Fellowship of Churches and Ministers; and EACM - Evangel Association of Churches and Ministers), and has spent more than ten years in full time service with mega-churches and NPO's. He is a results-oriented finance, administration, human resources and public relations professional, a member of NACBA, and has received many awards and accolades. Anne Krall is also ordained (EACM) with full-time pastoral experience.

We are specialists in working with NPO's, charities and particularly Christian churches, ministries and charities! When we work with outside associates, every effort is made to ensure that they adhere to the same precious values. We hold ourselves accountable to the very highest standards, to help you turn your obstacles and challenges into excellence in ministry!

Focus on Your Calling       

Pastors, elders and staff can find it difficult (if not impossible) to focus on their main duties and find the time to research and adequately respond to the many challenges of ministry and church business. Frankly, most are too busy fulfilling their primary call - or simply do not have the human resources necessary to fully benefit from their opportunities for change, growth, focus or excellence.

That's where we come in. Our professional staff and associates have the expertise to work with you in finding creative solutions to your challenges. Financial and administrative hurdles, promotion and public relations dilemmas, staff levels and utilization, event planning, vision implementation and growth issues are a few of the many challenges facing churches today.

We can provide your church or ministry with a creative edge, and offer a wide-range of professional services. Contact us today for a no obligation consultation 

[New!] We now offer a full range of professional web services to help you reach believers (and those who need the truth) online! More information.

In addition to our complete range of services to churches, ministries and charities, we have even more to offer those of you who are involved in single adult ministry. Our expertise, contacts and access to resources can help take your SAM to the next level. Click on our single adult ministries link to find out how!

Interested in stretching your resources? Find out about our special incentive for churches, ministries & Christian charities! May our Lord bless you as you serve. 

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